Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS service can be used by any Businesses / Organization for sending Informational based messages to their prospective and registered clients / members.

Using Transactional SMS one can send alert sms to their recipients even on DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers.At SMS MOON, we understand how important it is to send SMS to your employee, customer or business associate which is not promotional in nature. In order to fix this, you can purchase Transactional SMS where you can send SMS to both DND and Non-DND users. We Provide non template root to send Transactional SMS to your recipients at any time.

  • Work 24 Hours
  • Send SMS to your customer
  • 6 Character Alphabetical Sender Id
  • DND open route-SMS delivers on DND number.

Send Texts Online with Our Powerful Web App

Send Texts Online

Send a text online to your staff and customers. Import contacts and manage lists all through your TextMagic account.

Schedule Text Messages

Schedule your important SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns and notifications online to be sent when needed.

Contacts & Lists

Improve your SMS communication by sorting all your contacts in your database into different groups and lists.

Import Mobile Numbers

Upload from Excel or copy from clipboard it only takes one minute to get started with your text messaging contacts list.

SMS Sender ID

Display your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool.

Long Text Messages

Send long text messages up to 918 characters in length. You can send long text messages when 160 characters is not enough.

Languages & Unicode SMS

Send and receive text messages in any language: SMS in English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian or any other language.

Reporting & Analytics

Access performance metrics like delivery, reply rates and costs through the TextMagic admin panel and export data when needed.

Secure Text Messaging

All our sites and services are secured with SSL / HTTPS and your contacts, messages and accounts are fully backed up 24 / 7 / 365.

SMS Gateway API

Integrate our SMS gateway with your website or software using SMS API tools and add text messaging to your business workflow.

SMS Package Validity Gateway Amount Action
5,000 (Trail Pack) Unlimited Single Gateway 1100/- Contact
10,000 Unlimited Single Gateway 2000/- Contact
25,000 Unlimited Single Gateway 4000/- Contact
50,000 Unlimited Single Gateway 7000/- Contact
1,00,000 Unlimited Single Gateway 13000/- Contact
2,00,000 Unlimited Single Gateway 26000/- Contact
SMS Package Validity Gateway Amount Action
5,000 (Trail Pack) Unlimited Multi Gateway 1500/- Contact
10,000 Unlimited Multi Gateway 2500/- Contact
25,000 Unlimited Multi Gateway 5000/- Contact
50,000 Unlimited Multi Gateway 8500/- Contact
1,00,000 Unlimited Multi Gateway 15000/- Contact
2,00,000 Unlimited Multi Gateway 28,000/- Contact

*Taxes Extra

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