What is Message Template?

Message template also known as SMS content has been widely defined under DLT. To understand this in detail we need to classify it into two broad categories:

  1. Consent Template
  2. Content Template

Consent Template

Standard message that is sent to end users of the enterprise for their consent to receive communications from respective enterprise. It shouldn't contain any actual message content. This is a sort of Opt-in confirmation to end user, Opt Out procedure can also be given in the template.

Sample SMS Template

We would like to send communication regarding all marketing offers and events to our registered customers. "XYZ Limited" needs your consent in order to serve you better. We may send you messages about your account information, activity, and our best offers. We will send you updates, transactions, recommendations of our services or products being a registered customer with us.

Content Template

Standard message that is sent to end users of the enterprise for their course of action or benefit as notification, alert, offer, discount, or any other use. These messages can be bifurcated into four further categories:

  1. Transactional
  2. Service Implicit
  3. Service Explicit
  4. Promotional

Transactional Template

Message which contains One Time Password (OTP) and requires to complete a banking transaction initiated by the bank customer. This is applicable to all banks including national/ scheduled/ private/ Govt. and MNC banks.

It can be understood by following example:

  1. OTP SMS required for completing a net-banking transaction.
  2. OTP SMS required for completing credit/debit card transaction at a merchant location.

Sample SMS template:

965439 is the OTP for transaction of INR 87650 at XYZ App with your card XXXXX1234. OTP is valid for 10 mins. Pls do not share it with anyone. 9876543 is OTP for transaction of INR 5463 at ABC enterprises on XYZ Bank Credit Card XXXX1234. DO NOT disclose it to anyone. XYZ Bank NEVER asks for OTP.

Service Implicit Template

Messages arising out of customer's actions or his relationship with the Sender, that is not promotional, and is not in the interest of the customer to block such communications. These messages may or may not be triggered by a subscriber- initiated transaction and will not be blocked for subscribers who have otherwise blocked service messages also.

Following can be the type of such messages:

  1. OTP required for e-commerce website, app login, social media apps, authentication/ verification links, securities trading, demat account operations, KYC, e-wallet registration, etc. KYC, etc.
  2. Confirmation messages of a net banking or a credit/debit transaction.
  3. Product purchase confirmation.
  4. Delivery status of a parcel.
  5. Customer making payments through Payment Wallet over E-Commerce website / mobile app and an OTP is sent to complete the transaction.
  6. Messages from schools regarding attendance/transport.
  7. Periodic balance info, bill generation, bill dispatch, due date reminders, recharge confirmation (DTH, cable, prepaid electricity recharge, etc)
  8. Messages from hospitals/clinics regarding appointment/discharge reports.
  9. Service messages from car workshops, gadget service centres
  10. Day-end/ month-end settlement alerts to securities/demat account holders.
  11. Govt./TRAI/DoT mandated messages, advisories, messages from state Govt., LEAs, local authorities, traffic advisories, election commission, disaster management advisories.
  12. Messages from TSP/ISP.
  13. Messages from hospitals/clinics/pharmacies/pathologists about registration, appointment, discharge, reports.

Sample SMS template:

Your A/C no. XXXXX980 has been debited by Rs. 9087 The A/C balance is Rs. 87690 on 12 Jan 2050 reference no 987******0. Your mobile phone bill has been generated please click here to check the detailed bill. Dear Customer, as per your request, contact details have been updated against your insurance account. Dear Customer, your order has been picked up by the delivery boy and is on his way. Your delicious pizza is reaching early! Track here(URL) Please wear mask while going out of and use sanitizer. Stay home stay safe.

Service Explicit Template

These are the messages which requires explicit consent from customer, that has been verified directly from the recipient in robust and verifiable manner and recorded by consent registrar. Any service message which doesn't fall under service-implicit category.

Additionally, customer consent template needs to be linked to content templates in service explicit category.

Following can be the type of such messages:

  1. Any special day greetings or wishes to existing customers or subscribe users.
  2. Reminders for reward points, cash rewards etc.

Sample SMS template:

Dear Shailesh, your exclusive voucher of INR 5000 is unused please redeemed it on your next purchase with XYZ stores. Hi Waris, In order to best serve you and others, could you click on (URL) to share your experience with XYZ solutions. Dear Hemangi, based on your values relationship, we are approving a per- approved Home Loan up to Rs. 2 Crore. Click here (URL). Regards, ABC Finance. T&C. Dear Rahul, XYZ company wants to wish you a very happy marriage anniversary.

Promotional Template

Any message with an intention to promote or sell a product, goods, or service. Service content mixed with promotional content is also treated as promotional. These messages will be sent to customers after performing the preference and consent scrubbing function. Additionally, customer consent template needs to be linked to content templates in service explicit category and the mobile subscriber has not set his preference on DND.

Following can be type of promotional messages:

  1. 1. Discounts and offers promotion to non DND subscriber with consent.

Sample SMS template:

Lifetime Free XYZ Bank Credit Card with Vouchers from ABC, QWE, worth Rs.3000. SMS "apply" to 98xxx1234 TnC apply. You can win Rs 20,000 in Fantasy cricket use code 987654. Install ABC app now to Win Click - (URL) Get MY DIET by Dr Esha & lose up-to 10Kg. No exercise. No machine. First free consultation Click (URL). To revoke consent, send SMS as REVOKE to 1909 Now avail a flat 50% discount on your today's shopping at XYZ company. Call Toll Free 1800XXXXX00 *T&C. Mega Sale on 27 & 29 Oct Get up to 80% OFF on over 100 brands. Register & get EXTRA Rs. 100/- OFF. Give missed call to 982XXXX234 *T&C.